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Welcome to La Rose Preserved, eternal beauty from the middle of the world!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could cut a beautiful roses from your garden and make it last for several years?  Do you wish these stunning roses that your loved one gives you would last more than just a few days? La Rose Preserved now offers you roses that last for years without having to maintain the flowers.

In the past century a preservation technique for flowers was discovered by a French inventor in Paris. This secret formula is being applied to our Ecuadorian roses to create the most amazing eternal flowers.

La Rose Preserved was founded in Quito Ecuador in 2015 in order to amaze customers with the preserved flower beauty our country has to offer.  Our team of pioneers has ample experience in the Ecuadorian flower industry and will be glad to assist you in your buying journey


Preserved roses are known as eternal or forever roses. They will last in optimal conditions 1-3 years depending on the environment they are being kept. Just keep them out of direct sunlight and do not water.  We think that the term long lasting natural roses describes our product to perfection.

Long lasting roses are real natural roses from our farm. They are being grown under under strict environmentally friendly processes.  Natural roses are then cut at the perfect opening stage before being processed in the laboratory at our farm. We use a non-toxic stabilizer to preserve the roses and dye them with imported inks from USA and Holland.

We offer over 28 colors and our preserved roses can be bought in bulk or in pre made hat boxes. La Rose Preserved offers a wide variety of scented preserved roses for the most exquisite tastes and preferences.

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Key factors about La Rose


At La Rose preserved beauty, we offer bulk roses for import in large quantities and solid colors. We also offer smaller quantities and door to door delivery for florists and wedding planners. Some of our customers are buying pre made 9 or 16 roses gift boxes that are ready to be sold online or in store. Besides roses we offer sunflowers, hydrangeas and fillers to complete our assortment.




Ecological packaging

We pack the roses in carton or transparent boxes that come from 100% recycled materials. This way we ensure a beautiful product while being socially responsable to our people and the environment.





La Rose by Rozen Valley has a wide range of colors and shapes to choose from. Be amazed by our preserved mini spray roses and enjoy the  big full bloom buds perfect for boxed roses. Our jumbo flag and metal roses can give you the personal touch you are looking for.  Heart shaped galaxy roses can be enjoyed in Valentines and Mother's Day or upon demand.




Scented Roses

We offer several fragrances to scent the roses to complete the experience of our customers. We can add Floral, Sweet and Fruit scents upon demand and availability. This feature is available for bulk roses as well for our floral arrangements.





Our company sells bulk quantities at discount prices for our wholesale customers as well as direct door to door delivery for smaller orders.  We do assist with shipping and color choosing in order to make your buying journey more enjoyable and stress free.




Customized orders

We pride ourselves in being pioneers in the industry and improving our quality and customer service every day. Please have a look at our catalogue below and see what sizes and colors are a good fit for your company. Our bilingual staff welcomes you to contact us via email or phone and answer any questions that you may have.

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